Although we prefer our service to be accessed by young people themselves, we understand that it can be difficult to make the first contact and we are happy to take referrals from other family members or professionals who are concerned about the welfare of a young person.

For counselling to work the young person must want to come themselves and our admin staff will always ask you if that is what they want and explain the reason for us asking you.

When we have an appointment available we will always write or ring the young person directly and ask them to confirm that they still want to come and will be taking up the appointment. If you wish, we will let you know about the appointment and it is possible for you to come to the sessions but you will be asked to stay in our waiting area.

We do understand that you may be anxious and want to know what is happening in the sessions but they are confidential between the young person and their counsellor and we have a duty to respect their privacy. If the young person wants to tell you what they have talked about it’s their choice but the counsellor will not discuss the sessions with you.