“What’s The Fuss!”  provides positive Affirmations that help you to overcome stresses and make changes in your life for the better.

**  Listen to something positive every day  **

Visit our new website – https://www.wtfaffirmations.co.uk

The Affirmations are MP3 files, which can be download from the website (above).  They have been developed by Off The Record as self-serve tools with the aim of developing a ‘positive state of mind’ to help young people and adults deal with some of the problems they may experience on a daily basis.

Currently there are 7 affirmations covering:  Sleep, Anger, Anxiety, Confidence, Depression, Grief and Relaxation.

Each Affirmation costs £1.49 to purchase.  All the funding received will go into the charity to pay for the development of the website, help with our sustainability, fund new projects and we have plans to develop a whole new range of subjects.  We can arrange for young people in Tameside to receive the individual downloads for free, if required?