The Issues                                                                            

At OTR we know that growing up has always been a messy business but these days it can seem close to intolerable. High-pressure exams, social media, selfies, self-harm, body image, legal highs and bullying have placed children and young people’s mental and emotional health under siege as never before.  Added to these issues has been a recession and austerity measures, placing families and their corresponding support services under ever increasing pressure.  The increasing vulnerability of young people is now a common feature in local & national news as is evidence that self-harm and suicide amongst teenagers is rising.

The School Counselling Service

Off The Record’s counsellors are currently based in over 30 schools across Oldham, Tameside and Rochdale.  Our counsellors work in both Primary Secondary Education and College settings.  We aim to provide a safe and non-judgmental space in your school for young people to explore problems and find more satisfying ways to manage their lives.  OTR seeks to develop relationships that are equal, open and respectful wherein both the young person ‘in need’ and the school can grow together.  We want young people to develop strategies for good emotional health by working with us and the school.

Our counsellors use a range of specific skills to work with the young person, depending on their needs. Every young person will be treated as an individual and the counsellor will respond to his or her individual needs. The counsellor will help the young person to engage in the counselling process to allow them to speak freely about painful issues. The counselling will offer young people unconditional positive regard.  Our aim is to offer a bespoke service, working with each individual school to complement and support existing pastoral provision.

Our School Counsellors

All Off The Record’s counsellors are:

  • professionally qualified,
  • fully insured
  • have experience of working with young people
  • receive regular clinical supervision

The Cost

We try to keep our counselling costs as competitive as possible, without compromising on quality.   Our standard price for one hours counselling is £40.00.  However, the cost per hour is based on a sliding scale, i.e. if your school takes a contract for 5 hours a week for an academic year, we will be able to negotiate a lower rate.

Please refer to the pdf file – shown below – Please note our hourly rate is £40.00 per hour. This includes counsellors insurance, supervision, play therapy materials and DBS checks.

 ** OTR In School Service Leaflet **